Services & Bookings

The Melrose, Malibu, and Magnolia can all have modifications such as, an additional person, adding another outfit, and an extra location for an additional charge. Please use the 'contact' page for any questions and to schedule a shoot. Looking forward to working with you!


The Melrose

The Melrose package includes 1-2 outfits, 60 minutes of shooting, all in one location. Ideal for senior photos, fashion bloggers, and anyone who needs a new headshot. The Melrose begins around $140.

The Malibu

The Malibu package includes 2-4 outfits, 90 minutes of shooting, in 1-2 locations. Perfect for someone who wants to take advantage of the fact that we are shooting, to get even more photos out of it. The Malibu begins around $180.


The Magnolia

The Magnolia package is perfect for families who need a Christmas card photo, individual portraits, or need a new professional group photo. The Magnolia includes 1-2 outfits for the group of about 2-4, all in one location. The magnolia begins around $210.